Séjour linguistique en Inde: Goa, Jaipur, Palampur ou/et Gurgaon.

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 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

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 "So far as i'm able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or by nature , to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked"        

"Pour autant que je puisse en juger, rien n'a été laissé inachevé, soit par l'homme soit par la nature, pour faire de l'Inde le pays le plus extraordinaire que le soleil visite dans sa course. Rien ne semble avoir été oublié, rien ne semble avoir été sublimé."



Cet organisme a été créée en 1999 avec l'intention d'apporter les bénéfices du tourisme et du volontariat en Inde.

Plus de 19000 personnes de plus de 35 pays ont participé à des séjours humanitaires avec IDEX.

Les destinations proposées sont :

  • Inde : Goa, Jaipur, Palampur et Gurgaon
  • Népal : Kathmandu
  • Thailande : Chon Buri
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Afrique du sud.


 Programmes de volontariat par destinations :


Goa, Jaipur, Palampur
et Gurgaon 




Chon Buri

Sri Lanka




Afrique du sud


 enseignement  enseignement  enseignement  enseignement  enseignement enseignement
 santé  santé  enseignement en Monastère  enseignement en Monastère  santé  
 reconnaissance de la femme  reconnaissance de la femme        
 enfants  enfants  enfants  enfants   enfants
 animaux      tortues    
 volontariat itinérant volontariat itinérant  volontariat itinérant      



Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Voyages individuels

L'Ecole propose des Voyages individuels (pour une personne) pour lesquels vous pourrez composer vous même votre programme dans la mesure des options proposées.


 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Programmes sur mesure pour groupes avec thèmes et activités spécifiques au choix

L'Ecole propose des Voyages pour groupe avec les activités suivantes :

  • l'apprentissage de la culture Indienne
  • le travail en equipe
  • les activités culturelles et excursions.


Missions humanitaires

Missions humanitaires

L'Ecole propose des voyages accès sur le volontariat, et l'humanitaire. Les diférents axes humanitaires sont :

Health care :

  • Work with people who need help
  • Provide an opportunity to work with new people and make new friends
  • Assist people in different activities to lead a healthy life
  • Understand the problems and provide solution to improve health-related services
  • Generate awareness about the importance of healthcare and other hygiene related services
  • Nursing the patients
  • Assisting the nurse
  • Counseling patient and family members
  • Maintaining case history with the help of nurses
  • Organizing some fun- indoor activities for the patients


Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Women Empowerment :

  • Work with women who need your help to lead a healthy and successful life.
  • Teach women about the importance of cleanliness and healthy eating for healthy life.
  • Work with the neglected section of the community for the benefit of adolescent girls and women and simultaneously the community.
  • Such activities help in developing the sense of self-worth and empowerment in women with an ability to contribute to the economic growth of community.
  • This experience will change your perception about life and help women to become self-reliant.
  • Volunteers will listen to the problems and issues of women and help them in a friendly manner for the development of community.
  • Educate women and teach them about individuality and thus will help in the development of the community and their family. Education is the most powerful tool for women empowerment.
  • Work with women from diverse cultural aspect and teach them about Basic English and computer skills.
  • Development of conversational skills through a number of interactive sessions.
  • Teach them about the importance of health and hygiene to lead a healthy life.
  • Educate and generate awareness amongst young girls about their rights and policies implemented for their development.
  • Information about the strategic interventions for the growth of women in terms of productivity should be imparted.
  • Volunteers also impart knowledge about reproductive health and about various measures such that the health of children and women can be improved.


 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Teaching :

  • Teach children and youth for their overall development
  • Visit to communities and understand the need of education
  • During the trip, you will develop teaching learning material
  • Educate children and youth about various aspects of healthy life.
  • Observe a change in your perceptions about various aspects.
  • Develop a new and interactive sessions
  • Volunteer teach English, Mathematics and social skills
  • Games and sports activities
  • Teacher motivation and training
  • Maintaining attendance records
  • First-aid training and fun/recreation activity
  • Volunteers, with a number of different and interactive sessions, develop learning environment.


 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Child care :

  • Work with children who are in need, and experience a life-changing effect due to volunteering
  • Teach students and also help in the growth of children
  • This activity develops a feeling of satisfaction and simultaneously pride when you see growth and transformation in these kids.
  • Experience the life of people in the local community
  • Work and meet new friends and learn different culture.
  • Help and assist students in mid-day meal
  • Help children in understanding and colouring different colours, songs, rhymes
  • Teach these children through rhymes and games etc.
  • Growth chart of children is maintained
  • Time-table should be followed and put forth by the centre
  • Teaching psychomotor skill development
  • Sensory development teaching


 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Monk teaching :

  • Working with monks of age group between 8 to 25 years old
  • Interact with local community
  • Explore this beautiful location
  • Have memorable experience by knowing a new cultural
  • Make new friends
  • Meet other international participants and make friend from different part of world
  • Enjoy delicious local food
  • Teaching English, Math and social skills.
  • Beautify the class room with painting.
  • Games and sports activities
  • Making teaching learning materials and teaching aids.


 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Turtle conservation :

Program Location

  • Sri Lanka is home of 5 out of 7 species of turtles in the world. Our project is located in Duwemodara, Kosgoda on the west coast about 75 Kms south of Colombo.
  • Kosgoda, Bentota, and Induruwa areas are prime turtle nesting sites of Sri Lanka and beautiful areas with stunning beaches and several turtle hatcheries which attracts a lot of tourists.
  • The Green turtle
  • The Hawsbill turtle
  • The Loggerhead turtle
  • The Olive ridley turtle
  • The Leatherback turtle


Activities performed by volunteers

  • Caring turtles that live at the centre.
  • Maintaining the project areas and beach.
  • Feeding turtles.
  • Washing turtles.
  • Lifting turtles from tank to tank.
  • Collect eggs from the nests on beach or buy from vendors to avoid their sale in the market.
  • Night patrolling the beach to collect eggs if female turtles have laid eggs during the night time.
  • Releasing baby turtles in sea.


 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Elephants :

  • Work with elephants, which need your help and support
  • Observe a life-changing experience with the help of a number of different interactive and interesting activities
  • Gain incredible experience and understand about the measures that are used for animals and their welfare
  • Work with women and community children to provide them better life
  • Understand how these communities manage their living in limited resources
  • Provide solution to various problems faced by the community population
  • Learn about the activities of elephant, which is not possible with elephants living in wild
  • Learn patience, tolerance and never giving-up capability from elephant and its care-takers
  • Teaching English and Mathematics to provide activity-based training
  • Preparing TLM (Teaching Learning Material) for children and women education
  • Teaching mathematics through interactive and interesting games and storytelling
  • Community visit and campaigns on health, hygiene and other developmental related issues
  • Planning recreational activities for the children and women of the community
  • Helping in bathing and feeding the elephants
  • Helping in preparing chapattis for the elephant


Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde








Animal care and rescue :

  • Work with animals, which are in the need and observe a life-changing experience through these activities.
  • Work and meet new friends with learning of new culture
  • Understand various methods that are provided to ensure better care of animals
  • Gain incredible and close experience through working with wild animals and their welfare
  • Assist hospital in maintaining the established routine to ensure that the daily tasks are carried out productivity.
  • Periodic check-ups throughout the day for the health and well-being of the animals and reporting issues if any
  • Ensuring that kitchen purchases and provides relevant food to the respective animals
  • Caring of sick animals and feeding them healthy nutritious food, hand-feeding, if required in certain cases, and ensuring drinking water to them
  • Grooming of animals as per the grooming schedule provided
  • Feeding and cleaning the dogs and cats
  • Helping the vets with neutering and other veterinary procedure.


 Internship : stage professionalisant

L'Ecole propose des stage profesionnels (pour étudiants ou jeunes profesionnels) permettant d'acquérir une experience de travail dans l'un des pays les plus dynamiques économiquement. L'école met à disposition son réseau international et donne accès à des postes correspondant à vos qualifications et objectifs.


  Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Language Travel - Cours d'anglais

Nous proposons des Cours d'anglais avant votre départ, ou en collaboration avec une Ecole à l'étranger :

  • Anglais General
  • Anglais Plus
  • Anglais + Culture
  • Anglais + Volontariat
  • Anglais +Voyage
  • Anglais + Internship.

Ces cours peuvent être couplés avec un stage ou du volontariat


Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde

Activités proposées

Différentes activités culturelles et excursions sont proposées en complément des programmes ci-dessus, proposés par ce Centre.

Ces activités varient en fonction des destinations.


 Séjour linguistique & Mission humanitaire en Inde


Différents types d'hébergements sont proposés.

Ces hébergements varient en fonction des destinations.



Prices include :

1. Most worthwhile projects in general, lack resources and they need whatever support they can get.

2. It is therefore not possible for projects to provide support to international volunteers. They can only provide an opportunity to volunteers for learning and making a contribution

3. If the projects had the funds, they would be benefited more by taking in local staff who would know the culture and the work to be done. Local staff also sticks around a lot longer than most volunteers do.

4. Volunteers get a whole range of support and services that make their trips and volunteer experiences thoroughly enjoyable:

  • Airport pick-up and transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Workshops
  • Weekend trips
  • Translation support during volunteer work
  • Pre-departure information support etc.
  • well organised and safe trip.
  • Having lots of cultural experiences with the local community and with other international people during your programs, without having to worry about food, accommodation and other such basics.
  • Making sure that there is a good project for you that have well organised, worthwhile work.
  • Your visit to an exotic country offers you various opportunities.

6. Volunteering without paying?”

  • There are a large number of social organisations that would be happy to get enthusiastic support from you and it’s likely to be quite an experience.  What they primarily do is social work, and you will need to make your own arrangements.
  • The challenge however with this option is to be sure on the following:
    • To find the right project or organisation.
    • Ensuring that they are well organised and that they are able to use your presence there and you don’t have to sit around doing nothing or doing some aimless activity.
    • If they are providing you meals and accommodation etc, then make sure it’s hygienic enough.
    • That you have someone to contact in case of emergency.
    • That there are some other volunteers around so that you are not bored during your free time or at least they are located at a place where there are things to do.
  • Your volunteering experience is perhaps going to be the most life altering trip that you would have ever taken (or will take). And that means that you are making an investment in your own personal growth and development.
  • So one of the best ways to find the money is to look for those people or sources that are interested in your development.
  • These could be your family, school/university, the Corporate Social Responsibility Cell of a large organisation, a local community group sponsoring young people from their community in developing themselves. The list can be long if you really start looking.
  • . And then of course are you yourself – you need to answer for yourself “How important is it for me to develop myself? Will I spend my time and money in some frivolous merry making or will I do something with it that leaves me and the world a better place? ” Only you can answer that question. And the answer will guide your way.



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